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We believe that prevention of risky behavior by youth starts at home, and we have collected resources for parents and other influential adults to assist you in your efforts.  Knowledge is power!  Below you can access videos, read articles from experts, and explore links to relevant and useful websites from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Partnership for Drug Free Kids.

Understanding Your Teen 

It can be hard to understand your teen’s actions and behaviors. But as parents, there are biological and environmental factors to keep an eye on that can help you determine if your child may be at risk for addiction.

Think your child is using? 

Teens and young adults want freedom. You don’t want to be a nag. But when you’ve discovered drug or alcohol use, all bets are off. Here is a guide to numerous warning signs you can look out for.

How to Prevent Drug Use at Every Age

From Pre-School to the Young Adult years, drug use and abuse is an important conversation at every stage of your child’s individual growth and development.

How to Know if Your Child is Vaping Marijuana

What’s the big deal? How does vaping marijuana actually work? And what can you do if you suspect that your teen might be experiencing the effects?