We believe that prevention of risky behavior by youth starts at home, and we have collected resources for parents and other influential adults to assist you in your efforts.  Knowledge is power!  Below you can access videos, read articles from experts, and explore links to relevant and useful websites from the National Institute on Drug Abuse and Partnership for Drug Free Kids.

Understanding Your Teen 

Is the result of an amazing group of parents meeting a talented group of scientists. Parents were asking the kind of questions all parents ask at some point. Who is this this kid? Why does he/she do that? Why are we fighting? What can I do about it? Scientists had the answers, taken from the latest brain science. We worked with both groups and put it all together in something fun that’s NOT pointed headed techno mumbo jumbo.

Drug Facts 

Blow, Crank, Dex, Vike…do you know the drugs in your teen’s world? Our Drug Guide shows the top 13 drugs most commonly abused by teens — including their street names, photos, drug effects and signs of abuse.

Think your child is using? 

Keep track. There is much information to keep track of, even if you have definitive proof that your teen is doing drugs. 

The Power of Grandparents 

Find out how to better communicate with your teenage grandchild; learn about the latest drugs; and discover how you can keep your grandchild healthy.

How to Prevent Drug Use at Every Age