Kankakee Iroquois Cares Website Launched At Trauma & Resiliency Summit

On Thursday, May 10th, the Pledge for Life Partnership (PfL) launched the Kankakee Iroquois Cares website portal. The site was unveiled at PfL’s Trauma & Resiliency Summit to an audience of nearly 150 local community leaders.

The Pledge for Life Partnership is devoted to the mission of establishing a safer and healthier community, and joined efforts with the national ACEs Connections organization to address the topic of ACEs – adverse childhood experiences. The mission of this event was to build collaboration across the sectors to become a trauma-informed community, prevent adverse childhood experiences, heal trauma, and grow resiliency.

Keynote speaker, ACE Interface’s co-founder, Laura Porter, broke down the effects of ACEs and sparked important discussion amongst attendees, who represented a wide range of public health and service sectors. A panel of passionate local leaders took the stage as well, sharing their personal and professional experiences with trauma. The day-long training event was hosted at Olivet Nazarene University’s Weber Leadership Center and was sponsored by 16 community organizations. (For a full list of sponsors, visit pledgeforlife.org/trauma-summit/.)

The mission of Kankakee Iroquois Cares is to build a trauma-informed community by raising awareness of the prevalence of trauma and the impact of ACEs, eliminating the stigma of shame, fostering inter-agency collaboration, and expanding learning opportunities about trauma-informed services to build resilience and heal trauma.

The Kankakee Iroquois Cares site is an open resource for citizens of both counties seeking to help change the tide of trauma’s effects. Individuals and organizations will have access to upcoming trainings, a log to track milestones of a trauma-informed organization, library of resources, forums for discussion, and more.