Life Education Center Announces Best Practice Winners

The Pledge for Life Partnership’s Life Education Center team is proud to announce the winners of the 2017-2018 “Best Practice Contest.”

The “Best Practice Contest” is designed to recognize innovative educators who develop lessons and projects to reinforce Life Education Center curriculum. Winners will receive monetary prizes of $100 for 1st place, $50 for 2nd place, and $25 for 3rd place.

Brenda Wetzel stated, “We are delighted with all of the lessons and projects that nicely complement our prevention education efforts, focusing on healthy lifestyle choices and supporting social and emotional development.”


Congratulations to:


– Jill Rodgers (Kankakee School District No. 111, Steuben Elementary)
Title: “Food! What’s It Good For?”

First Grade:

– Kristine Pelletier (St. Anne Community Consolidated School District No. 256, St. Anne Grade School)
Title: “Sprinkle Kindness”

Kristine Pelletier’s 1st grade classroom. St. Anne Community Consolidated School District No. 256,
St. Anne Grade School.
Title: “Sprinkle Kindness”

Second Grade:

– Becky Creek (Bourbonnais Elementary School District No. 53, Noel LeVasseur Elementary School)
Title: “Boosting Our Brains”

Third Grade:

– Holly Schafroth (Kankakee School District No. 111, Edison Primary)
Title: “Edison News”

Holly Schafroth’s 3rd grade classroom. Kankakee School District No. 111, Edison Primary.
Title: “Edison News”


– Sue Williams (Bradley Elementary School District No. 61, Bradley West School)
Title: “Respecting Others and Managing Anger”

Fourth Grade:

– Jody Munsterman (Crescent-Iroquois Community Unit School District No. 249, Crescent City Grade School)
Title: “Student of the Week”

– Liz Tschopp (Bradley Elementary School District No. 61, Bradley West School)
Title: “Say No, The Super Hero Way”

Fourth, Fifth Grade:

– Ron Jackson (Kankakee Community Development Center: TeenREACH)
Title: “Building With Math”

Christian Coleman, Aidan Lopez, Zane Joiner, Kris Ellis, “Harold the Giraffe,” mascot of the Life Education Center, Artemus Ervin, and Ron Jackson. Kankakee Community Development Center: TeenREACH.
Title: “Building With Math”

Fifth, Sixth Grade:

– Eugene Wachholz (St. Paul’s Lutheran School)
Title: “Label the Digestive System”
Title: “The Facts About Alcohol”