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Take Back Day is October 23rd

Unused or expired prescription medications are a public safety issue, leading to accidental poisoning, overdose, and abuse.

The majority of teenagers abusing prescription drugs get them from family and friends — and the home medicine cabinet.

So gather up your unused, expired, or just unwanted medications and bring them to Northfield Square Mall.  Look for the tent at the main entrance, you can just drop them and go!

Red Ribbon week is October 23-31

 This year’s theme is Drug Free Looks Like Me. The theme is a reminder that by staying drug free, you are sending a message to yourself  and others about how much you value yourself, your overall health, your future and your community. 

One thing’s for sure…by making healthy choices, like staying drug free, you are much more likely to achieve your goals. 

Parents - Don't miss this

 Join Jim Schreiner, The Drug Free Communities Project Coordinator, on this zoom webinar focusing on the dangers of high potency marijuana, the use social media to obtain marijuana, the danger of counterfeit carts and the mental health concerns of marijuana use. 



Congratulations to Isabelle Trudeau from Liberty School, for her winning design in the billboard contest held annually by the Life Education Center to encourage others to choose “Wise Highs…Choices You Can Live With”  

As part of Red Ribbon Week, the billboard will be displayed in October on the corner of North Hobbie Avenue and East Brookmont Boulevard, in Kankakee.

show you disapprove of underage drinking and other drug misuse

Over 80% of young people ages 10-18 say their parents are the leading influence on their decision whether to drink or not . Send a clear and strong message that you disapprove of underage drinking.

Small conversations can have a big impact

When it comes to discussing the risks of underage drinking with your teen, there is no magic formula, but there is a major rule of thumb: have frequent small talks. This is one of the keys to keeping your child alcohol-free. It’s not about sitting down for one “big talk.”

Not only can this feel intimidating for you and your child, but it is often less impactful. Short conversations over time prove to be more effective.


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