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  • Kankakee Iroquois Cares Website Launched

    Kankakee Iroquois Cares Website Launched

    Kankakee Iroquois Cares is a volunteer-driven coalition whose mission is to build a trauma-informed community through raising awareness about the prevalence of trauma and the impact of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), eliminating the stigma of shame, fostering inter-agency collaboration, and expanding learning opportunities about trauma-informed services to build resilience and heal trauma.

  • Trauma & Resiliency Summit Inspires

    Trauma & Resiliency Summit Inspires

    Keynote speaker, ACE Interface’s co-founder, Laura Porter, broke down the effects of ACEs and sparked important discussion amongst attendees, who represented a wide range of public health and service sectors. A panel of passionate local leaders took the stage as well, sharing their personal and professional experiences with trauma.

  • 2018 National Prevention Week Festivities

    2018 National Prevention Week Festivities

    National Prevention Week (NPW) is an annual week-long observance—created by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)—that serves to increase public awareness and promote action by individuals, organizations, and communities around mental and/or substance use disorders. (For more information on National Prevention Week, visit: www.samhsa.gov/prevention-week)