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We believe that prevention of risky behavior by youth starts at home. 
We’ve collected resources for parents and other influential adults to assist in your efforts.
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Not sure how to prevent alcohol or drug use? 

It can be challenging to figure out. Many signs can be typical teen behavior. 

Using vaping devices to consume marijuana products are increasing

When you’ve realize that your young adult needs help for their substance use

Talking with teens about alcohol and other drugs:

It’s never too late to start talking with your teen about the risks of underage drinking and other substance use. As teens get older, they make more decisions on their own, and also face more temptation and peer pressure. Though it may not seem like it, teems really do hear your concerns. 

It’s important you show that you care and continue having conversations with them about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs, and why they shouldn’t use them.

1. Show you disapprove of underage drinking and other drug misuse

Over 80 percent of young people ages 10-18 say their parents are the leading influence on their decision whether or not to drink. Don’t assume they know how you feel – send a strong and clear message that you disapprove.

2. Show you care about your teen's health, wellness and success

Young people are more likely to listen when they know you’re on their side. Reinforce why you don’t want your child to drink or use other drugs.  The conversation will go much better if you’re open and show your concern for their well-being.

3. Show you're a good source of information about alcohol and drugs

You want your teen to make informed decisions about alcohol and other drugs with reliable information. Establish yourself as a trustworthy source of information.

4. Show you're paying attention and you will discourage risky behaviors

Young people are more likely to drink or use other drugs if they think no ne will notice. Show that you know what you’re teen is up to, but do it subtly and try not to pry. Ask about plans and friends because you care. 

5. Build your teen's skills and strategies for avoiding drinking and drug use

Even if you don’t think your child wants to drink or try other drugs, peer pressure is a powerful thing. Having a plan can help your children make better choices. Talk to them about what they would do if faced with the decision about alcohol and drugs. Practice saying “No thanks” with them in a safe environment and keep it low-key. You don’t have to get everything across in one talk, plan to check in frequently and keep the lines of communication open.

Help for talking about alcohol and other drugs

Answering Your Child’s Tough Questions
Impaired Driving: Talk With Your Kids
Why You Should Talk With Your Child About Alcohol and Other Drugs
What You Can Do To Prevent Your Child From Drinking
Why Your Child Might Start Drinking Alcohol
How To Tell If Your Teen Is Drinking

The Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) is a self-report survey administration in school settings and is designed to gather information about a variety of health and social indicators including substance use pattern and attitudes of Illinois youth.

Each participating school is eligible to receive a report specific to their own student’s responses. The local reports provide critical information to school administrators, prevention professionals, and community members as they work to address substance misuse issues in their communities. 

The Illinois Department of Human Services (IDHS) has funded the administration of the Illinois Youth Survey (IYS) biennially since 1990. The Pledge for Life Partnership has helped bring these surveys to local schools.

Kankakee County Substance use trends

Iroquois County Substance use trends

Prescription drug misuse prevention

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