April 2018 – Alcohol Awareness Month


 “Changing Attitudes: It’s not a ‘rite of passage.’ ”


Statistics from the 2016 Illinois Youth Survey.

  • According to the Illinois Youth Survey results, alcohol is the most used substance of all – more than illicit drugs and misused prescription drugs combined.
  • In the past year, alcohol was consumed by 59% of all 12th graders in Kankakee County and 61% of 12th graders in Iroquois County.
  • High school aged respondents (10th and 12th graders) listed liquor (vodka, whiskey, etc.) as their most consumed alcohol, whereas 8th graders selected wine and beer as their most consumed beverages.

(On the other hand…)

  • 72% of all Iroquois County 8th graders and 66% of Kankakee County 8th graders  have NEVER had more than a sip of beer, wine, hard liquor, or gin.
  • Have not had alcohol in the last 30 Days:
    • 87% of all 8th graders in Kankakee County
    • 93% of all 8th graders in Iroquois County
    • 77% of all 10th graders in Kankakee County
    • 81% of all 10th graders in Iroquois County
    • 63% of all 12th graders in Kankakee County
    • 59% of all 12th graders in Iroquois County

In conjunction with the Pledge for Life Partnership, the Iroquois- Kankakee Regional Office of Education’s Life Education Center Programs work to improve the quality of life for children and families with initiatives to reduce substance abuse.

LOOKING FOR RESOURCES? See: 2018_NCADD_Resource_and_Referral_Guide

For more information contact Brenda Wetzel, Director of Life Education Center Programs, at [email protected] or call the office at 815.936-4606.